Home Based Online Medical Courses

Below are a few highly recommended online medical schools, well known in the MT world. All schools provide actual instructors, as well as assistance to graduates find employment. All are AHDI/AHIMA approved.

A few common basic requirements when considering one of these schools/courses is good command of the English language, as well as good typing skills. It also helps to be proficient in word processing programs such as Word. Each school has their own set of requirements, pre-enrollment assessment tests, etc. and will guide you as needed.

Career Step is one of the top online medical schools, offering a variety of health and administrative courses. Career Step was founded in 1992 in Provo, Utah as a medical transcription training school. It now includes programs such as Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Administrative Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Electronic Health Records Office Professional, as well as some technology related courses.

The Andrews School is a well known reputable online medical school, which is owned by Linda Andrews. Andrews offers medical transcription and medical coding courses.

A valuable resource for all the latest Medical Transcription and related jobs is the MT Jobs website. MT Stars is a popular chat site for MTs.