Online English Teacher
Languagespirit is a state-of-the-art international language communication and education website. We are having large-scale recruitment of online English teachers. It's a free platform. You have the freedom to choose where, when, who and how to teach; you can select the topics and courses you are interested in; and you can set teaching time and price for each topic or course. Of course, students also have the freedom to look for their favorite trainers.

Job Requirements:
  • Native English Speaker
  • Interested in Teaching English Online
  • A Computer with Headphone and Webcam
  • Getting Access to Internet. High speed internet will be a huge help for your teaching job
  • Having Paypal Account to Get Paid
Trainers can then set their own price on our site, and the average price set by trainers is between 15-20 dollars per hour. If you are interested in this job, please register as a trainer on , and we guarantee that we will not charge any enrollment fees or registration fees. It's completely free for trainers. You are all welcome by teaching part-time, full-time or even overtime. Most of students are Asians who are eager to improve their English skills, so they are willing to spend a lot on it.

Posted: 2010-11-16
Location: Global
Environment: Home-Based