Sylheti Transcriber

Appen Butler Hill is looking for native speakers of Sylheti (as spoken in Bangladesh) for transcription work. The work will involve listening to audio recordings of Sylheti speech and typing down in Sylheti (English alphabet) what it is said or fixing the given Sylheti text to match the audio.

Location is virtual, work from home: Offshore, could be Sylhet, Bangladesh, Bangalore, Shillong. Around 20 hours per week.

Required Skills:
  • Must be a native speaker of Sylheti from Bangladesh
  • Must have good English, typing and computer skills
  • Must have access to computer with internet
  • Good attention to detail
  • Must be able to type the spoken text IN ENGLISH ALPHABET
  • Good time management skills

Payment: Pay is calculated based on input.
Duration: Approximately 4 months.

***To apply for this position go to to complete the Sylheti spelling test.***

Posted: 2013-05-17
Location: Global
Environment: Home-Based
Website: Click Here To Visit Web Site / More Information About Job / Apply For Job