Lao Linguist (Anywhere)


Appen Butler Hill is currently looking for a Lao (Laos) Linguist for a linguist project. The project will begin soon, and require approximately 20 hours per week.

Position Summary:
  • The work will involve assisting in creating a pronunciation lexicon of words from the language, as well as documents to describe the language for the purpose of language technology development.
  • The majority of the linguists' time will be spent checking and correcting transcriptions of words in phonetic script.
  • Must have a background in linguistics and a familiarity with the language, preferably at the level of a fluent native speaker.
  • Specific linguistic background should be geared towards phonetics and phonology, and as such the candidate should be familiar with the IPA and possibly other phonetic scripts like X-SAMPA.

***To apply for this position please go to and register to complete the Lao spelling test.***

Posted: 2013-05-22
Location: Global
Environment: Home-Based
Website: Click Here To Visit Web Site / More Information About Job / Apply For Job